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In order to provide energy saving and excellent lighting solution to our customers, please kindly refer to basic knowledge of LED lighting here

1. Learning Lighting

1.1 What is light

1.2 The Science of Light

1.3 Color and Light

1.4 Color Characteristics of Light

1.5 Technology of Light Sources

1.6 Traditional Technology of Lighting Sources

1.7 Lighting Innovations

1.8 LED Technology

1.9 Ballasts Technology

1.10 Spectral Power Distribution

1.11 How To Apply The Technology

2. Learning LED

2.1 What Is LED

2.2 Colors and Materials

2.3 Advantages of LED

2.4 Types of LED

3. Lighting Design

3.1 Lighting For Commercial Building

3.2 Lighting For Office

3.3 Lighting For Government Building

3.4 Lighting For Hospital

3.5 Lighting For Industrial Use

3.6 Lighting For Office

3.7 Lighting For Museum

3.8 Lighting For Mall

3.9 Lighting For School

3.10 Lighting For Sports